Our Services

are designed to mimic human actions, such as clicking, typing, and reading from documents, to complete these tasks without the need for human intervention. So we are able to develop, for example, digital solutions, services and products as

Social Domain Marketing

Promote your website or other services in a teriffic new way and start to gain useful data.

Omni Domain Marketing

Promote your activities and/or videos on digiprom.social and get more out of it.

Realtime Solutions

are fully automated and delivers your content in a unique and incredible way in realtime.

Search and see what we do for your brand, product or trademark?


grant any company the possibility to get the additional performance and real time services.

RPA Productions

RPA Productions

based the most valuable asset in the digital market we create fully automated products for any company.

RPA Mediaplanner

RPA Mediaplanner

fully automated digital media planning based on datas over the last 25 years will be a hugh step into the future for any agency.

RPA Promotions

gives a effective overview which digiprom.solutions are available and displays the benefit for each product.